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An open letter to the guy who stole 20 dollars from me

I don’t know why you needed my twenty dollars, but I can only hope that you have more cash than just what you stole from me. Hopefully, you’ll have enough to buy a lot of drugs. Not weed, but maybe like crack or heroin or meth. I want you to have my money if that’s the case. I want you to take it and buy more drugs than you ever have before and have the best time in your apartment shooting up, or smoking or snorting whatever you like to do. I want you to have such a good time that you overdose and die slowly and soundlessly, alone in your apartment or dumpster or cardboard box. I can only wish that your body just lies there for weeks on end as natural decay chips away at the now unrecognizable, once living, consortium of disease, rot and rat feed that is the husk of yourself. Hopefully, when some authority inevitably shows up to investigate the noxious putridity and they discover it’s source, you are still somewhat recognizable. That way, they can call whatever family or loved ones you have to come and identify the body. Maybe you weren’t that close, but I want them while looking at the effluvious grotesquerie of a human your body has become, to realize how poorly they’ve treated you or how negligent they’ve been to your needs for you to end up this way. They become overwrought with grief and self pity. They are unable to reconcile their behavior or lack there of with a good and righteous human being. For the first time in their unvirtuous lives, this matters to them. They’ve seen now, up close, the destruction that they, and lifestyles like theirs, have begot. They become deeply disconcerted by the ramifications of their life, immensely disturbed by the existential nightmare resulting from this sight. Eventually the pain is too much. One night, they go home and in a final act of sorrow, saw into their neck with a kitchen knife confessing secret apologies to you with their last gasps of life. In this way ending the only thing you actually cared about while alive yourself, other than doing drugs and stealing my fucking money you goddamn piece of shit give me back my twenty dollars I was going to buy some really dope socks.

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