Words and pictures and sound.

Hate is a strong word that I mean every time I say it


Every episode of this show I watch ends with my face contorted into what I envision as a look that is the boiled down essence of abject horror. I should be clear, I am pretty confident that this is not the intention of the show despite having been told by others that I am supposed to hate every second of the show and that this is some kind of hipster irony thing. I will grant that the show is compelling, that I keep watching it. I’m also liable to strain my head at car crashes and look up pictures of men who’ve had their faces eaten off so I struggle to find that as a compliment. That is, unless the only goal of the creator is ratings. I don’t feel that to be the case though. The entire feeling of the show is that she should be celebrated for her witty and unconventional humor and style. Even in the show itself it feels like every episode is a  festival to her “bucking” something or challenging some notion or concept I’m supposed to have. This becomes increasingly infuriating because I don’t have those. It’s like the show is constantly throwing in my face that I don’t understand New York hipster underground ironic subculture or something and I’m just like, “Yeah no shit, don’t want to, never claimed to”. 

I mean, I really thought I hated people before. Before, I hated regular people. People with jobs and career goals and family plans and shit. Now I hate the other people just as much. I used to begrudgingly respect aspiring artists and other such late 20 do-nothings for at least trying something different even if that alternative was nothing. I hate this goddamn show for making me hate more things. Did it think that was something I needed? I hate everything you fucking twat! I had it covered. In fact, my whole day was already allocated to trying to spread evenly my attentions to hating things. Now it’s like I have to pencil in one more and my book is full. I’ve already written all the margins in. 

I do have to commend her for making all these characters feel real though. I definitely hate people and I hate her show and I hate her characters. Very believable when they all have so much in common.